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GS3 Wedding Photography is a name synonymous with capturing the most cherished moments of a couple's journey into matrimonial bliss. With a keen eye for detail and an artistic approach, GS3 specializes in immortalizing the beauty, emotions, and intricate nuances of weddings. When it comes to the bride, GS3 goes beyond merely documenting the day; they craft a visual narrative that encapsulates her radiance, joy, and anticipation. From the pre-ceremony preparations, where every smile and nervous flutter is preserved in time, to the solemnity of the ceremony itself, GS3 weaves a tapestry of images that tell the unique story of the couple's union.

One of GS3's distinguishing features is their ability to create private, intimate photoshoots for the couple, capturing their love in its most unguarded moments. This magical interlude is a time for the newlyweds to bask in each other's presence, away from the bustle of the celebration, resulting in photographs that emanate pure authenticity. GS3 also excels in orchestrating group portraits, seamlessly bringing the couple's families together to capture the bonds that extend beyond the newlyweds. As the day culminates in the jubilant reception, GS3 ensures that every laughter, dance move, and tear of joy is immortalized, crafting a visual saga that mirrors the depth of emotions experienced throughout the day. With GS3 Wedding Photography, a wedding isn't just an event; it's a story waiting to be told through the lens of passion and creativity.

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Wedding Prices

Wedding Price List: Photographer & Videographer Drone

1. Pre Wedding $200 1 hour
2. Ceremony $ 1200 (limited 300 photos) Additional $200 Unlimited Photos
3. Private Photoshoot of Groom & Bride and Wedding Party $200
4. Parents & Family Wedding Party $200
5. Reception Entire venue $600
6. Additional Photographer $400 ½ Ceremony $600 Full Coverage
7. Videographer Ceremony Only $800 Full Wedding $1200
8. Drone Coverage Ceremony 1 hour $200 Reception $500
9. Wedding Book / Album $275

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